June Fishing in the Alberni Valley Inlet

Not only does Vancouver Island boast spectacular forested areas, diverse ecosystems and unbeatable coastlines; it is also known for the abundant year-round fishing opportunities. The Barkley sound and the Alberni Inlet offer calm, secluded waters for anglers.

Temperatures start to rise in June and it’s no different for sport fishing in the Alberni Inlet. Historically, Sockeye salmon can be found in the area as they return to the Somass River System. 2019 reports indicate sport fishing should be underway by the Father’s Day Weekend.

This year, reports predict that the salmon will return in low numbers, which means a retention limit of two sockeye per day, and a two-day retention limit of four-per-person. As the water warms up, the salmon increase in numbers, but will swim to deeper water. The Sproat and Great Central Lakes house escaped salmon, with a greater amount of salmon in the Sproat.

Chinook and Coho tidal water fishing look promising. Chinook migratory and hatchery numbers are both expected to be above average.

Adapted from the CoastalBC.com fishing report, read the full article for more details on fishing in the Port Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound.