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Port Alberni’s Year Around Charm

Port Alberni warmly welcomes visitors throughout the year, each season painting its own unique landscape. From vibrant spring blooms to thrilling summer adventures, picturesque fall foliage, and enchanting winter sports, there’s always something to explore. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or immersing yourself in local culture, every visit promises unforgettable experiences. Come discover the beauty of Port Alberni in every season!


Going for a stroll in the Alberni Valley, Port Alberni, Vancouver Island

A visit to the Alberni Valley during spring as nature comes to life will fill you with joy and energy! Fresh layers of green is everywhere as the forest landscapes and local gardens embrace the sunlit days, surrounding you in a blooming array of colours and scenic beauty. Options for outdoor adventures are endless. Plus don’t miss out on the Farmers’ Markets, historic mill tours, and serene river walks, all inviting you to embrace the beauty of the spring season in Port Alberni.

Visit in Spring


Summer on the Taylor River, Port Alberni

Step into the warmth of summer in the Alberni Valley, where adventure and relaxation await. Our busiest season brings live music festivals, thrilling water sports and events, family time and camping. We love this time of year for long hikes and mountain views, farm fresh goods and patio dining, wandering along the quay and bear-watching escapades. With something for everyone, the Alberni Valley offers the perfect summer getaway.

Visit in Summer


Enchanting may be the best way to describe autumn in the Alberni Valley as nature paints the landscape in vibrant hues of red, gold, and orange. Take it all in with scenic drives through picturesque valleys, explore ancient forest trails, witness the awe-inspiring salmon runs, and browse the harvest abundance at local farmers’ markets. There’s no shortage of autumn wonders to discover. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, culinary delights, or cultural experiences, the Alberni Valley offers the perfect backdrop for your fall getaway.

Visit in Autumn


Alberni Valley Bulldogs, players in action on the ice

Feel the magic of winter in the Alberni Valley, where snow-covered mountain tops and festive cheer create a magical atmosphere. From festive markets to thrilling sports events and outdoor adventures, there’s an abundance of activities waiting to be explored. Plan days filled with invigorating nature trails and cozy dinners, cheering on hockey games and holiday shopping, snowshoe adventures or coastal storm watching spectacles. You will be surprised and excited with all that the Alberni Valley offers in winter season!

Visit in Winter

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Any season you choose, Port Alberni warmly welcomes you. There’s always something to explore. Come discover the beauty of the Alberni Valley in every season!