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The Alberni Valley, a Culinary Delight

Nestled in the heart of the Alberni Valley, our culinary landscape is as diverse as the community it serves. From welcoming family restaurants serving up comforting classics to unique eateries offering a taste of something different, there’s always a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. Take a leisurely stroll through our charming streets and discover the cozy atmosphere of local brew pubs, where you can savor craft beers brewed right here in the valley. For those with a taste for something a little stronger, our distillery proudly showcases the artistry and tradition behind locally made spirits. Whether you’re gathering for a family meal, catching up with friends over drinks, or simply indulging in a quiet moment of relaxation, the Alberni Valley invites you to savor every flavor and embrace the warmth of our vibrant community.

The Brie & Barrel in Port Alberni, Alberni Valley

Brie & Barrel

Port Alberni Restaurants + Pubs Guide