The Magic of Fall

Witness the Colours of Fall in the Alberni Valley

As the days grow shorter and the leaves start to change, there’s no better place to embrace the beauty of autumn than the Alberni Valley, British Columbia. Enchanting may be the best way to describe fall days in the Alberni Valley as nature paints the landscape in vibrant hues of red, gold, and orange. Take it all in with scenic drives through picturesque valleys, explore ancient forest trails, watch the salmon runs, and browse the harvest abundance at local farmers’ markets. There’s no shortage of autumn wonders to discover. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, culinary delights, or cultural experiences, the Alberni Valley offers the perfect backdrop for your fall getaway.

Fall Season in Port Alberni, Alberni Valley, Vancouver Island

Discover the Autumn Wonders of Alberni Valley


Overhead view of Highway 4 on the way to Port Alberni, Alberni Valley, Vancouver Island

Scenic Drives

Take a leisurely drive through our picturesque valley, where every corner reveals a new burst of red, gold, and orange hues. The iconic Cathedral Grove and the winding Pacific Rim Highway await your exploration.

Hiking Trails

Lace up your hiking boots and explore the myriad of trails that wind through ancient forests and lead to breathtaking viewpoints. The Alberni Inlet Trail and the Log Train Trail are perfect choices to immerse yourself in nature.

Dining out in Port Alberni, Alberni Valley, Vancouver Island

Dine Out

The Alberni Valley is the epicenter of a burgeoning food scene. From fine dining establishments offering the freshest seasonal offerings, to three craft breweries with fare to suit the whole family. Check out the Eat and Drink page for inspiration.

Farmers Market’s

Harvest season showcases the great abundance of the region. Taste the flavors of autumn with visits to our local farmers’ markets. Stock up on fresh produce, artisanal goods, and delicious apple pies made from locally-grown fruit. The Spirit Square Farmers’ Market is open year-round and takes place every Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Witness the colours of Fall in Port Alberni, Alberni Valley, Vancouver Island

Fishing & Wildlife Viewing

Fall is prime time for salmon runs in the Alberni Valley. Witness this incredible natural spectacle and keep an eye out for bears, eagles, and other wildlife that frequent our rivers during this season. The Stamp River is one of BC’s top Salmon migration routes where tens of thousands of fish, typically Sockeye, Coho, Chinook and others, find their way to spawning grounds in order to start the cycle over again.

Fall Events & Festivals


Spirit Square Farmers Market Port Alberni

Farmers’ Markets

Celebrate the bountiful harvest season with our local farmers’, featuring live music and a cornucopia of fall-inspired foods.

Spirit Square Farm Market at Harbour Quay

Port Alberni Farm Market at Cherry Creek


Alberni District Fall Fair

Summer & Fall Activities in Port Alberni

Exciting family friendly events to add to your calendar including the Alberni District Fall Fair, and annual Salmon Festival & Derby. There’s no shortage of ways to ‘say farewell’ to summer while creating some new and cherished memories. READ MORE


Toy Run in Charity Event in Port Alberni. Alberni Valley

Annual Toy Run

Cheer on the many motorcyclists as they travel in solid formation through the Alberni Valley on the Toy Run, delivering a massive haul of toys for children in the community. Every September.

2023 Toy Run

Weekend getaway Port Alberni, Vancouver IslandPlan Your Fall Getaway…

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure, relaxation, or simply a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Alberni Valley has something special to offer during the fall season. Book your stay at one of our cozy lodges, bed and breakfasts, or campgrounds, and wake up to the crisp autumn air and stunning views every day.

Where to Stay